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Hi, welcome to my humble web abode.

It's merely a place where you can listen to my songs that are ready and waiting to be covered.

Whether you're an artist looking for your next project, a publisher needing to enhance the roster, or just plain nosey, take a listen to the songs herein.  Many more on request.

If you want to take it further, you can leave a mailing address and pick a free CD demo to be sent to you, be it comedy / novelty, or serious stuff.  My thanks for the vocals of Shann Lee Parker, Simon Foster, Ray Doble, Lisa Marie, Neville Westlake, and Alison Fifield. All other vocals are mine.

Favourite writers? Jimmy Webb, Joni Mitchell and Noel Coward.

Thanks for dropping in.              Photo by DenisT-Cup Taylor.

GID TAYLOR                         Thanks to Bill at iQh Internet

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